Victorinox 606138 – a soft, very large suitcase, 138 liters, extended, with 4 wheels, with a TSA combination lock by Victorinox from the Connex collection. The suitcase is made of high-quality nylon, which ensures its perfect appearance and high durability. The Connex suitcase collection was created for demanding users who want to enjoy the traveler without worrying about their luggage. 4 cm extension allows for additional space if needed and makes the suitcase more universal. 4 large diameter double wheels 60 mm ensure excellent handling in all conditions – stable, very quiet – the chassis of the Japanese brand Hinomoto, recognized as the best in the world. Double aluminum frame locked in three positions for users of different height, the handle of the frame “hidden” in the body of the suitcase. Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) combination lock allows customs services to open luggage without destroying the lock and to close it after inspection, a combination lock “hidden” in the body of the suitcase. Top and side handle “hidden” in the body of the suitcase, retractable when used for comfort of use, handle at the bottom for convenience when carrying / stacking. Zipper closing the main compartment with increased resistance to burglary, cannot be opened with a pen or screwdriver – high-quality Raquet Coil YKK lock, retractable suitcase identifier including a pen and a tool for ejecting sim-cards from a smartphone. The corners of the suitcase are stiffened and reinforced for increased durability, the shape of the suitcase is rigid provides good protection of the transported luggage, the interior of the suitcase is divided into two chambers 90/10 main compartment, lower large suitcase equipped with compression straps in the shape of a letter X. Zippered pocket in the main compartment, a dedicated pocket for a Victorinox pocket knife in the main compartment, and an additional zippered pocket, upper compartment small closed with a curtain with a zipper, two zipped pockets in the curtain. The wheels of the suitcase can be easily replaced in case of damage, suitcase covered by the Access™ Cipher Recovery Program – after registration at

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