Medium Pakmaster shirt bag from the Travel Accessories 4.0 collection. A versatile clothes organizer that helps to avoid unnecessary wrinkles and wrinkles. The medium size is ideal for a small suitcase or hand luggage. It will help to properly organize the interior of the suitcase or act as an independent accessory. A special handle allows you to carry the bag in your hand or hang it in a closet. The practical and ergonomic vertical design with wide velcro flaps gives you the compression you need to keep things secure. The ergonomic size will be equally useful for both women and men. It is easy to fold shirts, as well as trousers, a skirt or a jacket, into the clothes bag. It will make your trip comfortable and keep things in perfect condition. A roomy zippered pocket on the front provides quick access to your essentials. For the manufacture of the bag for shirts Victorinox Travel travel accessories 4.0 / Black Vt604999 used polyester textile material with high strength, picky in operation. The portlet is completed with a simple and convenient board for folding things. It can be stored on the back of the accessory, which will provide additional evenness and density of the bag during the trip. The instructions on the board cover will help you to fold your luggage easily and compactly. With Victorinox’s Medium Pakmaster Shirt Bag, you’ll always be ready to go to a business meeting or a family dinner, to a trip or a long-awaited vacation.

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