Swiss Modern Suitcase Victorinox Travel Spectra 2.0 601284 is a lightweight innovative model from the Spectra hard luggage series. Stylish combination of rich red color with contrasting black trim. On the front panel there is a recognizable Victorinox logo. The Spectra Expandable Compact is an extremely organized travel companion, available in a compact size S. It has a main usable volume of 29 liters expandable to 33 liters. The parameters are ideal for short trips, as well as for use as hand luggage. Original features and characteristics: solid body made of lightweight German 100% Markolon® Bayer polycarbonate, organizational interior panel and compartments for portable gadgets, expandable configuration by 3 cm, Swiss Tracker™ tracking feature, identification tag, 4-wheel roller system with silent tires, YKK Raquet Coil® zipper, official quality assurance. The body of the suitcase is made of impact-resistant and lightweight polycarbonate Markolon® Bayer made in Germany. The material has a scratch-resistant matte finish. It is distinguished by high resistance to mechanical damage, high and low temperatures, as well as thermal insulation properties. German Bayer polycarbonate provides exceptional durability. Its quality and durability are proven to be superior to other types of polycarbonate. A system of protective corner pads and zippered bumpers provides additional protection for areas most susceptible to abrasion and impact loads. The variable organization of the interior is designed to safely and conveniently accommodate a large number of things and technical devices. The following configuration is responsible for ergonomics: a capacious camera for clothes with a mesh partition on a lightning, Y-shaped elastic compression straps, organization panel and large zippered pocket on the cover of the suitcase, detachable compartment with padded pockets for 15.6′ laptop and 10′ tablet / iPad, unfastened belts for fixing the suitcase in a half-opened form. The Spectra ™ 2.0 Carry-On collection is equipped with a zippered front opening. Under the cover there is an organizational panel, which is responsible for quick access to essentials: laptop, tablet, tickets, passport, wallet, etc. The perfection of the design is supported by a reliable two-way zipper Racquet Coil® from the Japanese manufacturer YKK. Stable and agile four wheels with dual design and unique tires for a quiet ride. Functional and high-quality roller system guarantees long-term use and high performance. Ergonomic retractable handle made of aluminum alloy. The design with a mechanical button allows you to fix the length in 3 different positions: 94, 99 and 104 cm. The model is complemented by a short top handle for carrying in your hands. Victorinox Travel Spectra 2.0 4-wheel suitcase 601284 is swiss quality proven over the years in a solid case. High functionality, durability of materials, comfortable operation from the Swiss manufacturer – Victorinox. Therefore, buying the presented model of travel luggage is a profitable investment in your peace of mind.

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