Spectra 2.0 / Black 601291 is a modern, roomy, super-strong and at the same time lightweight hard case suitcase from Victorinox Travel Switzerland. The largest size of a hard suitcase with expansion function. Versatile black color and trendy design. Maximize the potential of your travel luggage with the Spectra Large Expandable, which is designed to increase packing space by up to 45% with external compression straps. The model is suitable for long trips with a lot of things. Key Benefits of Spectra 2.0 / Black 601291 body material: 100% pure polycarbonate, expandable by 11 cm design for up to 45% increase in capacity, external Hypalon straps for size adjustment, large size (L): 78 x 48 x 32-43 cm, expandable volume: from 77 to 112 liters, durable rubberized zippers, front zip access with holding straps for easy top packing built-in TSA code lock, reliable 4 wheels with twin rollers, quality assurance from the manufacturer. Primary polycarbonate was used for the body of the Spectra 2.0 601291 suitcase, which makes travel luggage extremely resistant to shocks and drops. In addition, it remains as light as possible (weight is only 5 kg). An integrated TSA combination lock will facilitate and speed up border control checks in several countries. Maneuverability and smooth movement on any surface thanks to a high-quality wheel system. Lightweight telescopic handle made of aluminum is equipped with a button for three-stage height locking for your height. And two small handles on the top and side will help with manual transportation or when placing the suitcase on the luggage rack. Realization of the Spectra Large Expandable packing space: large packing chamber with elastic fixing straps, zipped dividers in both sections, zipped pocket for small items, branded SAK pocket, original Victorinox Travel products, professional service and fast delivery. The Swiss suitcase Spectra 2.0 will take care of the safety of your belongings and your peace of mind while traveling.

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