The compact Swiss suitcase Victorinox Travel spectra 2.0 31318201 is the smallest version, size S from the Spectra 2.0 series. Universal model of hard luggage in black colour. Suitable for men and women. Designed for short-term or one-day trips, as well as for use as hand luggage in the cabin. In the manufacture of the body for the suitcase Victorinox Travel Spectra 2.0 31318201, an incredibly strong and at the same time lightweight Markolon® Bayer polycarbonate with a matte finish was used. This modern polymeric material is characterized by extreme resistance to mechanical damage (bumps, scratches), as well as excellent performance properties at different temperature conditions. Protective corner pads provide additional protection to the most vulnerable areas for abrasion and impact. A TSA (Travel Sentry Approved) combination lock makes it easy to pass through border control checkpoints. It will help to avoid damage to the lock and the re-locking procedure. Your luggage will remain intact and safe after inspection. With the help of the Access™ program you will be able to recover the cipher combination. To do this, just register on the official website Stress-resistant Racquet Coil® zipper from a major manufacturer of quality YKK fittings. The Racquet Coil® type of zipper was designed specifically for travel luggage, so it has extra durability and burglary resistance. Equipped with a practical 2-slider configuration for easy and quick access. Maneuverable and stable 4 wheels have a dual design with a 360-degree rotation function around its axis. Complemented with unique smooth tires for a quiet ride. When transporting a suitcase on a flat surface, the load from the hands is completely removed. The light telescopic handle has three fixed positions using a push-button mechanism. Retractable handle height – 94, 99 and 104 cm – adapts to any height. The Spectra 2.0 4-wheel suitcase is complemented by a small handle on the top of the case for hand-carrying.

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