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Compact suitcase on 4 wheels Victorinox Travel Spectra 2.0 31318203 is a colorful and extraordinary model from the Spectra 2.0 series. A stylish combination of the main red color with a stylish black trim. The Spectra Global Carry-On is available in small size S. It has a main usable volume of 31 liters and measures 39x55x20 cm. Such parameters are ideal for short trips, as well as for use as hand luggage. The body of the suitcase is made of very strong and super lightweight Markolon® Bayer polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant matte finish. Such a material is extremely resistant to mechanical damage, UV radiation, temperature changes, as well as excellent thermal insulation characteristics. Provides exceptional durability and reliability in use. Protective contrasting pads and bumpers on the corners and zippers perform two functions at once: they keep the suitcase from damage, providing additional protection for the most vulnerable to abrasion and impact areas of the case, and also give dynamics to the design. Secure Racquet Coil® zipper from YKK. This Japanese company produces the best accessories, taking into account the features and requirements for a single accessory. Racquet Coil® is designed specifically for suitcases, bags and other travel luggage, so it has extra strength and tamper resistance. Equipped with a practical double runner configuration. Stable four wheels with twin design and unique quiet tyres. The roller system is designed for smooth maneuverability and long service life. The telescopic handle made of aluminum alloy is fixed in 3 positions by means of a mechanism with a button. The variability of the length of the handle – 94, 99 and 104 cm – will suit any height. The model is supplemented with a small reliable handle at the top of the case for transportation in hands.

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